Ms. Chris Xu, Ms. Lin Jia and Ms. Wenz Zhang, previous owners of Salon Perfection, Yumi Creation and Wenz Beauty Care respectively, have merged to establish Eagle Beauty Pte Ltd. Their combined experience of more than 30 years have resulted in a variety of beauty services in a single entity that is Eagle Beauty. Their mission is the creation of a more comfortable environment while providing their clients with beauty services of the highest quality and elegance.

So how do they do it? Eagle Beauty provides a comprehensive list of services, ranging from facial treatment, eyebrow embroidery, lip embroidery, body slimming, hair removal to mole removal services. These are practical services that fulfil the most regarded factor of “functionality”. The quality of these services is assured as experienced and skilful beauticians who were put through extensive training provide them. Going beyond the conventional job scope of beauticians, Eagle Beauty strives to connect with their customers on a personal level, building a rapport beyond the confines of the salon. They do it through understanding the customers’ requirements, needs and providing professional advice according to the customers’ wishes. This extra effort and dedication puts them above other brands.

The ultimate secret to their success lies in their ability to be motivated by client satisfaction. Eagle Beauty regards individual growth as a vital quality. The founders believe that through constant improvements in their skills, techniques and products, they can push their services to greater heights.

Other than the aforementioned quality of individual growth, they have developed a unique philosophy – the  belief that cohesion amongst co-workers will enhance the beauticians’ skills as well as create a larger marketing network through the sharing of connections between co-workers. They believe this will better any other sort of marketing effort.

Established on a strong foundation of experience, a high regard for customer service and cohesive employees, Eagle Beauty Pte Ltd is a Health & Beauty business worthy of your attention.

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Wenz Zhang
Eyebrow Embroidery Specialist
Chris Xu
Eyebrow Embroidery Specialist
Jennifer Ling
Eyebrow Embroidery Specialist