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4 Things to Look Out For When Choosing Your Eyebrow Salon

Dislike the hassle of filling in your brows every morning? Good news – Eyebrow embroidery is your new semi-permanent solution to perfectly drawn brows. In the past, many women’s solution to sparse or over-plucked brows is eyebrow tattoo. However, we have seen many cases of eyebrow tattoo gone horribly wrong. 


Fortunately, eyebrow embroidery or microblading offers a new and improved version of eyebrow tattoo. Gone are the days where women pay high prices for eyebrow tattoo that gives harsh and rigid looking eyebrows. These days, there are many eyebrow embroidery salons in Singapore that specialises in creating natural brow strokes. With a wide array of salons available, it is undeniably confusing to pick an eyebrow salon, especially for first-timers. Read on to find out 4 areas to look out for when choosing your eyebrow salon.


Quality Of Pigment And Numbing Cream Used

Dyes are the foundation of any eyebrow embroidery. We know that eyebrow embroidery is an investment for many women, therefore you would want to pay for workmanship that can last a long time. In order for results to be long-lasting, your salon should use dye made of high-quality ingredients. You would not want to have your brows to fade too quickly or to a reddish-green tint like how traditional tattoo does. On top of that, they should also be gentle for various skin type. Everybody’s skin reacts to pigment differently but it should not trigger serious reactions or lead to inflammation to the eye or incite skin allergies. Here at Eagle Beauty, we use natural organic product extract for our colour pigments which is suitable for even sensitive skin.


Due to the application of numbing cream, eyebrow embroidery should be a relatively painless process as pigments are only pushed into the epidermis of the skin. If you feel pain at any time, feel free to ask for a top-up of the cream to minimise your discomfort during the process. Hence, your salon might not be using an effective numbing cream if you are still not feeling the effect despite additional cream being used.


Hygiene and Cleanliness

Eyebrow embroidery involves depositing of pigment into the skin. Hygiene should be the top priority when it comes to choosing an eyebrow salon. The tools they use on our skin should never be at risk of contamination. Observe if your salon practises basic safety procedure such as usage of disposable items for sanity concerns. These include wearing gloves, changing of blades between each use or usage of cotton swabs when applying numbing cream.


In addition, it is also good to take note of the cleanliness of the salon. A messy store is an indicator of tardy upkeep of their tools and equipment. Bad housekeeping should raise some red flags and make you wonder if the salon is able to keep track of the tools they use.


Hidden Costs Involved

Promotion prices are one of the most eye-catching ways to entice consumers. When choosing an eyebrow salon, we worry when salons offer packages at low prices. This leads us to wonder if the quality of service is being compromised. After all, we always want to be assured of a satisfactory and safe end result of any cosmetic sessions.


For salons with competitive pricing, be aware of their ability to charge at that price. Some reasons may be minimal storefront refurbishment or lower rental cost. Another possible scenario of low upfront cost may result in pushy sales tactics after the first trial. A good way to have a better understanding of the salon you are interested in going is by going through their website and searching for reviews from past clients. Avoid scenarios of hidden costs by always clarifying your doubts with the salon itself. A transparent and trustworthy salon would be able to answer your queries.


Skills Of Beauticians

When it comes to achieving the most natural and suitable brow shape with eyebrow embroidery, it is highly dependent on the beautician’s craft and skills. Other than appropriate qualification, your beautician should also have in-depth discussions with you regarding your desired brow shape prior to beginning your embroidery session. A skilled beautician should be able to craft the most flattering brows for you rather than proposing a standard brow shape for everybody. With certain styles of eyebrow embroidery such as misty eyebrow embroidery, a good eyebrow artist is able to customise the most complementary shades of pigment to be used on you to flatter your features and skin colour.


A trained beautician would also be able to advise on various aftercare routines and potential discomfort such as scabbing and itching after your session. Other than showing that they are knowledgeable on possible issues you may face, you will also feel reassured by their transparency in highlighting these concerns beforehand. Ideally, your eyebrow salon should be well versed with the latest beauty trends and techniques so that you can have access to the newest eyebrow embroidery styles in the market.


At Eagle Beauty, we are the pioneers of 6D eyebrow embroidery with more than 30 years of experience under our belts. Trusted by more than 50,000 clients, we are confident in helping you achieve your beauty goals by attaining your most satisfactory eyebrows. Contact us at 6272 7226 or visit us at any of our 5 outlets islandwide!